Don’t let the title fool you … there’s no “bad” fly fishing happening in this short film. In fact, the fishing (or, we should say, the filming quality) is some of the best stuff we’ve seen lately. The “bad” they’re referring to here is the poor, unfortunate luck of one Peter Christensen as he follows the Nylinder brothers – Rolf and Harald – on an expedition in New Zealand for huge trout. Peter is plagued by some truly bad breaks and it really doesn’t help to watch the brothers reel in fish after fish, laughing and giggling like kids at Christmas. Surely, we’ve all felt Peter’s pain at one time or another though, and that’s what makes this edit so relate-able.

Apparently, a lot of other people must feel the same way. The video has managed to get over 3,000 views in the two days since it was posted!

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats