You might recall a video we featured back in early December called Fish Head. Well, the dude featured in that flick – Parker Smith – just put out a new video this week on his Vimeo channel called “Vacation” and it’s definitely worth checking out. Parker, probably frustrated like the rest of us, decided to take two weeks off work and get into some fish. He summarizes it best at the start of the video as simply …

“It’s been a long winter.” –Parker Smith

There are so many things we envy about this video.

  1. The fish
  2. The careless abandon
  3. The fish
  4. The GoPro footage
  5. The fish
  6. The music selection
  7. The fish
  8. The ‘stache
  9. And, finally, all those damn fish

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats