We’re still taking a page from the folks at Fly Fish Food and dedicating the month of January to the humble midge here at our regular Friday feature. This week’s pattern is the Copper Zebra Midge.

As you can see, calling this pattern a “Copper Zebra Midge” is underplaying it a bit. The name might simply be the list of materials used, however this pattern – as Tim points out in the video – “has a few more accessories than your standard zebra midge.”

Here’s what you’ll need …

Hook: 2x short emerger hook (Dai-Riki #125), sizes 18-24
Bead: 1/16″ copper tungsten bead
Thread: Light brown, 6/0 (Danville Flymaster waxed thread)
Rib: Ultra Wire, copper in sizes extra-small or small
Tail/shuck: Krystal Flash, copper
Wingcase: Midge Diamond Braid, pearl
Thorax: Peacock eye hurl

Note: You can change colors on the thread, bead, rib and shuck to get different results.

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats