Today, fly fishing is certainly a diverse and eclectic sport. There are so many different ways to catch whatever species of fish you’re after, whether it’s trout in streams or bonefish in flats and beyond. The gear, geography and cultures aside, all fly fishing (and fishing in general) has a common thread; something that all anglers share – water.

The latest official selection in the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) is Tributaries, a documentary film directed by RC Cone. The description from the F3T feature page:

Tributaries is a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum and a Viking-blooded Icelander.

And, a further description from the Tributaries Film website:

Fly fishing is an international affair. In each locale, fly fishing is surrounded by unique, foreign cultures that have evolved their own approaches and styles for the sport. The general, technical aspects of fly fishing are the same: rod, reel, waders, dry-fly, nymph, etc. The behavior and environment are what alter. Differences aside, we all tell tall tales of fish caught and lost; we all miss work; we all threaten our relationships with excuses to fish; we all wake up at ungodly hours on a Saturday morning to arrive in time for a hatch – fly fishing is a powerful current that binds an even stronger worldwide community.

The trailer looks promising and, if nothing else, a visually stunning and well-shot documentary. You can download the film yourself for as little as $8 right now. Visit Tributaries Film to get your fix.

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats