If you haven’t seen the Hank Patterson series of videos up on YouTube yet, you’re surely missing out. Hank (a satirical fly fishing expert) offers up fly fishing “advice” to his eager viewers. In his own words, from his website:

“Hank Patterson is a world renowned, self proclaimed fly fishing expert and guide. He is a high school graduate, makes a hell of a nice pot roast and owns three copies of ‘A River Runs Through It’ on BluRay.”

These videos are hysterical. Imagine that you hired a fishing guide and it turned out to be Michael Scott from The Office telling you to “snap it” more.

Check out the latest in the “What Would Hank Do?” miniseries where Hank offers marriage counseling advice to Glen from eastern Idaho who writes, “My wife keeps asking me if I will take her fly flishing. What should I do?”