Watercolor painting
Image: Nick Cobler / brushes-with-brookies-and-beer.com

Friend and fellow PA fly fisher Nick Cobler started publishing his own blog — Brushes with Brookies & Beer — that chronicles Nick’s fishing adventures, artwork, and photography.

I found myself especially enthralled with Nick’s recent post — Fire & Ice. In it, Nick documents a recent Drifter excursion to the Laurel Highlands and Linn Run State Park.

Stream in winter
Photo by Nick Cobler / brushes-with-brookies-and-beer.com

Nick does a great job of chronicling the whole weekend’s events, from early morning bathroom breaks to post-dinner storytime and regaling of trips past. Also, a healthy reminder that not every trip is about catching fish hand over fist. In fact, Nick says it best …

I didn’t catch any fish, but I did receive some much needed vitamin D, breathed fresh air and had an enjoyable day.

Nick Cobler

Give it a peek, then follow him for more brushwork, brookies, and (of course) beer!

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