By Andy Link

Hey there fellow gnats!

After some thought, I’ve come up with a new format series for posts on the site and through our social media channels. I’m calling them “Small Bites.” The idea is to get more content out there in smaller, quicker chunks to whet your appetite. We’ll still work on making full-length, rich posts and videos documenting our more serious endeavors (multi-day trips to locations near and far, etc.), but often times we just want to get some GoPro footage edited together quick and capture just a moment in time. The “small bites” should be just enough to leave you itching for more … get it? (Cheeky, I know … but c’mon … black gnats?!)

To kick this series off I went back through an archive of GoPro footage I’ve been amassing in 2014. (I’ve got a lot … and that’s a good thing. I think. Means I’m getting out there.) Anyway, I came across three days worth of footage from June when I visited my brother Mike up at his place on Conneaut Lake in Crawford county (Northeast PA). He and I entered the 2014 “Bluegill Bev” Memorial Fishing Tournament presented by Loby’s Premier Entertainment and Walt’s Tavern (my uncle’s bar) during the weekend of Saturday, June 7th, 2014. The tournament itself was fun – we caught a few bluegill and had a good time at the weigh-in – but some of the best moments were in the days beforehand when we dropped in and pre-fished some of the lake. I caught a nasty bowfin and Mike hooked up with the nice largemouth you see in the video, above.

Here’s an Instagram pic I posted of Mike, enjoying a beer at weigh-in.

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2014 Bluegill Crappie Tourney with @ekimknil!

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The boat you see us cruising in – a Bass Tracker I from the early 1980s – belongs to my inlaws. They let me borrow it for the week in exchange for being their “boat guy.” Every year, I help with getting it ready for the summer season, basic upkeep and maintenance, and winterizing it when we’re done. The thing is smaller than most fishing boats out there today (really, only two guys at best), but it still starts up fine and runs great after all these years. It’s also a blast to fish from and is just the right size for a lake like Conneaut. (OK, a little bigger would be nice, I’ll admit. I’m not getting any smaller.)

OK, this post it quickly getting into a longer post. I’ll leave it at this.