So, it’s the night before Opening Day here in Central PA, and we almost forgot to tie one of the more important early spring patterns, the little black stonefly nymph. Stoneflies are one of the first food sources for trout coming out of the winter months and, while they have more abundant numbers on western streams, the east coast also has some regular hatches, so don’t forget to include some in your box.

Tim from Tightlines Productions has a great, simple approach to the pattern, which we find easy and fun to tie. Try it for yourself!

Here’s what you’ll need …

Hook: 3X long nymph hook (Dai-Riki #285), size 14-20
Thread: Black, 6/0 (Danville Flymaster waxed thread)
Legs: Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs
Abdomen: Black Stretch Tubing
Wingcase: 6-8 natural pheasant-tail fibers
Thorax: Black dubbing

Here’s one off Andy’s bench!

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats