Normally, our weekly Wednesday post highlights a video of some awesome fishing adventure with dudes (and dudettes!) rippin’ lips and “grippin’ and grinnin’.” For those of us wishing we were on the water instead of behind the desk, it’s our healthy little adrenaline kick that gets us through hump day. Admittedly, this week’s post isn’t THAT thrilling, but it does get us excited nonetheless.

Check out the latest Kickstarter campaign from the guys at Copper Creek in Ogden, UT. These two (co-founders Trevor Murray and Clint McFarland) have come up with a really cool, innovative take on gear organization. They call it the “SimpliFLY.”

You can read more about the SimpliFLY on their Kickstarter page HERE. You can pledge as few as $1 (gets you a download of their “fish camo” wallpaper) or as high as $1,000. That lucky sugar daddy gets a 2-day guided fly fishing trip down in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula chasing permit, snook, jacks, and bonefish! (Obviously, you’d get a SimpliFLY box, as well. Check the site for details.)


They’ve got a little over two weeks to try and meet their goal, so if you’re interested check it out and think about backing the project.


Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats