There’s no getting around it … it’s winter and it’s freakin’ cold out. If you live in the U.S. and you’re reading this, there’s probably an 80% chance you’ve seen record-breaking cold weather these past few months. Quite frankly, we’re tired of it. Here in Central PA, with a little over three weeks until the regional opening day, cold weather has even caused some stockings to be delayed due to ice and snow. (Here’s to hoping there will be some fishable water come opening day.)

This week’s video, however, gives us hope. It’s a reminder that if we can just get through this bear of a winter, those spring temps are right around the corner. PA Undercurrent Outfitters, a group of fly fishing guides in the Central PA area, remind us of …

“… that first morning you realize you don’t need your extra fleece, and can close your eyes and take a deep breath without it burning your lungs with chill. It’s like the world is turning to color, and the seasons to come relate more to the quarry you’ll fish for, rather than the equinoxes and solstices.”

Tight lines!

– The Black Gnats